Wednesday, January 9, 2013

California Law Now Allows Expungement of Many Infractions

AB 2582, amending 1203.4 of the California Penal Code and effective January 2011, allows certain NON TRAFFIC infractions to be expunged.  Up until this time, only felonies and misdemeanors were eligible to be expunged.

Certain California infractions can now be expunged. This will be very helpful to those convicted of infractions such as disturbing the peace, trespass, or petty theft under Penal Code 490.1.

An infraction is a minor offense that can only be punished with a fine.

We can expunge your California Infraction conviction by withdrawing your plea and having the case dismissed in most circumstances. The law is complex in certain areas, but expungement is something that SHOULD be done by everyone with an Infraction conviction record.

We only do Expungement Law; Record Clearing is our only practice, not a "sideline" to a general law practice. Our fees are competitive and include all Court fees, legal work and service of the petition for expungement on all parties, as well as court appearances. You will not need to appear in Court in most cases. We may not be the 'cheapest' price, but we do things right. Be cautious of non-attorney expungement sites.

California Infraction Expungement usually takes 6-12 weeks, and our fees are from $495 to $550 depending upon the court. Infractions that occurred years ago can now be expunged due to the change in Penal Code 1203.4 allowing such Infraction Expungements.

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